Everything you need
within a 10-minute walk 

Located in Pincourt’s most vibrant neighborhood, NEOLIA offers quick and easy access to local shops, key transportation links and much more.

Surrounded by parks, nature and water

Welcome to your new lifestyle, where modernity and natural surroundings blend seamlessly. The timeless design of NEOLIA’s buildings paired with the project’s green spaces create a perfect harmony, providing all the advantages of urban living mere steps away from everything the outdoors has to offer. The ideal combination to recharge your batteries and lift your spirits. 

Within a 10-minute walking distance, you’ll have access to the commuter train station, waterfronts, parks, grocery stores and a shopping center. There’s also a bike path across the street connecting you to the entire city. Everything to make your commute easier and help you accomplish your goals on busy weekdays and enjoy unforgettable weekends.